Challenge Logan 2008 is an exciting idea from a few Renault Group engineers who became friends. The idea is to cross two continents with a reliable and economic vehicle to go and meet populations. To be more precise, it is to achieve during summer 2008 a raid from Sevilla to Bucharest, trough Paris, Tehran and Moscow and a part of the Silk Road. It represents 16000 km through 17 countries and we have set milestones in different Renault sites.

We want to meet people from different countries and culture and also to get closer to our collegues working in the different sites.

Among the Challenge, our objectives are:

  • Aid: bring some scolar material to aid associations in Iran
  • Complete an educational project: from school pairing to students’ projects
  • Prove Logan performance: savings, reliability
  • Live a human adventure: take up the challenge and meet people.

There is no competition in this project, but notions of challenge, adventure, meetings, and simplicity.

In the différent articles of this blog, you will find the detail of our itinerary, the composition of our Franco-Ibero-Romanian team (!) and the Challenges stars, our Logans!

The Challenge offers many opportunities for our partners and sponsors. A number of companies support us and we thank them a lot. See them on the sponsors page.

You are reporter and wish to write an article about an sympathic team and an enthusiastic project, we will be happy to answer your questions. Check our press information on the press page and contact us now.