Until today we have made 4000 Km, that means, a quarter of the entire route. We crossed 7 countries and we met with colleagues and friends in 5 different sites.

Today we left quietly Budapest to 10am and we arrived to the Romanian border in a short time by highway. This is the first time we have to wait a few minutes and show our passports. Without doubt a foretaste of what we will see later. After cross the border, we stopped for lunch. One hour later we took the route to Pitesti, a 100 km north-west of Bucharest.

At Pitesti, we saw the factory where Dacia was manufactured our Logans. Also Adrian has his home and his family. Adrian was very pleased to present Madi. She makes us taste the Romanian specialties, including the eggplant cooked in a different style of Spanish and French version, which we had eaten a few days ago.