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Challenge Logan: we GO!

Posted by Antoine Derome on March 22nd, 2008


Challenge Logan will happen. Renault Technologie Roumanie, Renault engineering center in Romania, has decided to support us in this adventure and confirmed us his commitment.

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Introducing the Challenge to Renault

Posted by Antoine Derome on March 10th, 2008

This week, we will present the Challenge package to those Renault representatives who could commit themselves with us. Of course, we will keep you informed of how things go on. According to the first comments we have had, we really have a chance to make the Challenge come true.

Our motivations

Posted by Antoine Derome on February 17th, 2008

Above the Challenge objectives, the motivations that lead us to prepare it are not far away from those Men having had for times: the perpetual quest for challenges and new opportunities, the power of curiosity, the discovery of different cultures, the awareness of different peoples and cultures completes our vision of the world. Because for us, travelling is meeting with “the Other”, we live the Challenge as a human experience to share with people we will meet along the trip.


Posted by Antoine Derome on February 13th, 2008


2 Logans, 14 000 km, 2 continents, 13 countries, 7 Renault sites, Olympic Games…

Welcome on the 2008 Paris Beijing Logan Challenge’s blog! We, Adrian, Ralf, Sergio and Antoine, are 4 engineers working for Renault Group.

Stay tuned with the Challenge’s blog, we will post news on the project preparation. You’ll have very soon.

See you very soon.

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