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Step: East Turkey

Posted by Antoine Derome on August 23rd, 2008
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Step 11: the Bosphore and Bursa

Posted by Antoine Derome on August 23rd, 2008


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Part 10: Days in Istanbul

Posted by Sergio Diez on August 3rd, 2008



A few words about the city. We really feel the influence of two civilizations during centuries. The museum / Basilica / mosque Saint Sofia is a symbol of that. First, Byzantine basilica and after, Ottoman mosque. It was made with the noblest materials of these times. Its construction has even put in jeopardy the finances of the prosperous Byzantine Empire. Conquered by the Ottoman in the fifteenth century, it became a mosque and all ornaments Christians were covered with plaster. To finish the rivalries and fights,in 1929, it was decided to make it a museum rather than a place of worship. The best of both eras are visible at the Christian mosaics in gold with another luxury Islamic symbols.Turkey is a secular state and his main religion is Islam. For this reason we has allowed to visit the Blue Mosque. This name cames for the mosaic that covers the interior. At the outside, we can see how the sunset change the color in a varied range of pink. Another good idea… you must go to the great bazaar and let lost inside. But attention, your portfolio must be full of money ,there are many temptations. Our lodging is in the Galata district. It is a tourist and cosmopolitan  place and it remembers of Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. We feel very comfortable there and we only have the desire to return.

Renault Mais

We met the commercial subsidiary of Renault in Turkey. Their centre is near Istanbul. Here, Renault has a market share of 17% , not less. We have shown the Challenge 2008 and Logan cars to the staff and we responded all theirs questions. Several people have asked us why we did not do the Challenge with a Laguna, more faster and comfortable … We have responded that since the beginning of the Challenge, it was decided that the Logan is the ideal car: international, accessible … At return to Istanbul, we crossed the Bosphorus. We were full of differents sensations.

The school in Istanbul

The time that we spent at school in Istanbul was very moving for us. In this school, there are about 250 Iraqi refugee childrens who are learning English, french, or another language, before find another country to live. In total, we had a car full of school supplies: notebooks, all kinds of pencils, kits, rules and even a computer with printer and a Playstation to relax that they can use at their breaks . Many thanks to Paloma, Victor, Emergya, Celine and Fabien, Angel, Juan Antonio, Vicky, Mari, Jose, Marcos. The children were so excited that they transported all the equipment from cars to the school. A few minutes later they offered us a concert they had prepared in our honour, it was very moving. Later, we were able to share drawings of children of schools ,at Vaudricourt in France, to the Istanbul pupils. Also we delivered a letter from the french pupils. This is an invitation to continue the interchange .

At Galatasarai Hammam

We have not encountered any football player at Galatasarai, but after 5000 km of road, we arrived the moment to take the famous turkish massage. After lunch, we could spend the our last evening at the exterior but we were too tired , so we decided , go to sleep. Tomorrow, on the road again, we have to arrive before 7:00 am  to take the ferry.

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Part 9: Gabrovo (Bulgary) - Istanbul (Turquia)

Posted by Sergio Diez on August 3rd, 2008

Bulgaria, continuation and finalization. We ate our first Bulgarian breakfast in the dining room of the hotel, with an excellent Italian coffee and juice concentrate de fruits.

After that, we continue our small mountain road. It rotates, it rises, it descent, Adrian is scared because the engine temperature is more high that normally. We have the right to have a beautiful sun and we enjoy at the same time that we do photos and videos.

We cross the plains and then we discover some huge statues of characters bearded towards the Gloi. We make a stop at Sara Zargova. Coffee is definitely very good in this country. Would it be possible one day have breakfast with coffee Italian or Bulgarian, French croissants, German brötschen, Spanish ham and Romanian sausages????

We take the E85, which becomes European road sometimes and other times it is full of potholes that makes very difficult to drive. I do not hope drive at a secondary road in Bulgaria…

We passed next to a power station under construction. We hear workers on the same frequency that we use to speak between our cars. Then we decided offer to their walkie talkies a Kylie Minogue’s song that we listened on the local radio at the time. The American and European music are very heard at the Bulgarian radio.(I know, that KM is from east Australia or something like that, so we are not bother about the responses of the power station staff).

Finally we arrived at the border post of Svilengrad and we must pass various tests. First one at Bulgarian border. A camera monitoring cars in Turkey. A passport control and purchase of a visa for the Romanian and the Spanish citizens. And the best, check the car’s documentation. Surprise at the Turkish border the staff does not speak English and really we do not understand what they want to say. After much discussion with the hands, we leave customs without understand if we have all the necessary requirements. Result, Adrian and Javier end up with a stamp on their passport, to show that we are going to leave the country by car. Except for Javier who is going to return by plane in 3 days … Therefore, we find our news tools, understanding, patience… We leave without understand all our doubts. More than one hour to cross the border, and only in Turkey. Next time it will be better.

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Welcome Nobel Automotive

Posted by Antoine Derome on July 14th, 2008

Nobel Automotive

Nobel Automotive is an expert in fluid transfer domain. We thank them for supporting the Challenge Logan 2008 and we let them introduce themselve !

Nobel Automotive is a design and production company sepcialized in fluid transfer domain. For 30 years, Nobel Automotive is partner with major car manufacturers. Facing a changing market, we study and design new generation products, in line with always growing environmental, quality and economical requirements.

Nobel Automotive Group is part of Orhan Holding, the headquarters of which are located in Bursa, Turkey.

Orhan Holding represents 6.400 employees on 24 sites, in 3 continents and 8 countries. It is present in automotive domain for 36 years, achieving 92% of its activity in this sector with a turnover of 584 million euros in 2007.

For more informations :

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Welcome to Marcassins de Vaudricourt

Posted by Antoine Derome on May 31st, 2008

The Challenge wants to give an affectionate greeting to all kids and teachers at the Marcassins of Vaudricourt School in north of France!.

This week we make a presentation to convey the objectives of the Challenge on solidarity and cooperation deal. For its part, they will make some drawings to be exchanged with many others kids in the Caritas School in Istanbul. This work is part of the project’s education and intercultural solidarity. Asia is the theme for the year 2008-2009, so the Challenge will be a good excuse for fun way of introducing the study of these countries.

The interesting thing about this project is that we are bringing together two schools, one in Istanbul with Caritas most disadvantaged and with few opportunities and secondly to Marcassins in northern France with more possibilities. This first contact will serve as seed for future mutually supportive relationship that is beneficial to both schools.

The Challenge objectives

Posted by Antoine Derome on February 17th, 2008
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