Bulgaria, continuation and finalization. We ate our first Bulgarian breakfast in the dining room of the hotel, with an excellent Italian coffee and juice concentrate de fruits.

After that, we continue our small mountain road. It rotates, it rises, it descent, Adrian is scared because the engine temperature is more high that normally. We have the right to have a beautiful sun and we enjoy at the same time that we do photos and videos.

We cross the plains and then we discover some huge statues of characters bearded towards the Gloi. We make a stop at Sara Zargova. Coffee is definitely very good in this country. Would it be possible one day have breakfast with coffee Italian or Bulgarian, French croissants, German brötschen, Spanish ham and Romanian sausages????

We take the E85, which becomes European road sometimes and other times it is full of potholes that makes very difficult to drive. I do not hope drive at a secondary road in Bulgaria…

We passed next to a power station under construction. We hear workers on the same frequency that we use to speak between our cars. Then we decided offer to their walkie talkies a Kylie Minogue’s song that we listened on the local radio at the time. The American and European music are very heard at the Bulgarian radio.(I know, that KM is from east Australia or something like that, so we are not bother about the responses of the power station staff).

Finally we arrived at the border post of Svilengrad and we must pass various tests. First one at Bulgarian border. A camera monitoring cars in Turkey. A passport control and purchase of a visa for the Romanian and the Spanish citizens. And the best, check the car’s documentation. Surprise at the Turkish border the staff does not speak English and really we do not understand what they want to say. After much discussion with the hands, we leave customs without understand if we have all the necessary requirements. Result, Adrian and Javier end up with a stamp on their passport, to show that we are going to leave the country by car. Except for Javier who is going to return by plane in 3 days … Therefore, we find our news tools, understanding, patience… We leave without understand all our doubts. More than one hour to cross the border, and only in Turkey. Next time it will be better.