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Km 0. This time, we go! On Monday the 21st we started the first step of the Challenge Logan 2008. This makes concrete more a year a preparation which involved a lot of people in Europe, Asia and even more. 

The Challenge’s start has the chance to happen the same year as the 50th anniversary of Renault factory in Sevilla. To celebrate it, the Direction of the factory had invited the Mayor of Sevilla.

We took advantage of this celebration to present our project to the numerous journalists (press, radio, TV) and members of Renault’s personnal present there.

Then, the Mayor the city of Sevilla officially gave the start of Challenge Logan 2008, with the audience applause! We were surprised and very touched by this.

During this first step, we drive from Sevilla to Valladolid, that is to say 580 km to the north. We start with a 40-degree temperature and arrived 800 m higher, with 22°C. We already experience contrasts.

Photos and soon videos after the break to come…