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Welcome to Marcassins de Vaudricourt

Posted by Antoine Derome on May 31st, 2008

The Challenge wants to give an affectionate greeting to all kids and teachers at the Marcassins of Vaudricourt School in north of France!.

This week we make a presentation to convey the objectives of the Challenge on solidarity and cooperation deal. For its part, they will make some drawings to be exchanged with many others kids in the Caritas School in Istanbul. This work is part of the project’s education and intercultural solidarity. Asia is the theme for the year 2008-2009, so the Challenge will be a good excuse for fun way of introducing the study of these countries.

The interesting thing about this project is that we are bringing together two schools, one in Istanbul with Caritas most disadvantaged and with few opportunities and secondly to Marcassins in northern France with more possibilities. This first contact will serve as seed for future mutually supportive relationship that is beneficial to both schools.

New itinerary: Seville-Paris-Tehran-Moscow-Bucarest

Posted by Antoine Derome on May 25th, 2008

Itinéraire du Challenge Logan 2008

The Challenge will start from Seville, the city of Manzanilla and jamoncito rico, the cervecitas in the street and salmorejo,… dreams of arab and magical nights, the city where Spanish participants work. Then we will stop at Valladolid who also lie ahead in the headquarters of RTS (engineering Renault for Spain / Portugal / Morocco) and then make the itinerary we had planned at the beginning to Uzbekistan. Next, we will climb by Kazakhstan to enter Russia by the Samara region to visit the latest acquisition of Renault (the big factory of Avtovaz, which manufactured the Lada) and then go through Moscow, visiting the Avtoframos factory where also Logan is been manufactured. From there we will reach Bucharest after passing through Ukraine and Moldova. This trip will give summarising: 16,000 km, 46 days, 11 Renault visited sites, 17 countries…

As you see more countries, more kilometers, more visited Renault sites!

Challenge Logan 2008 : here w’are again

Posted by Antoine Derome on May 24th, 2008

You have to forgive us for having left you without news these past few weeks. We have been confronted with numerous setbacks and we have wasted a long time.

The most important has been the lack of visibility on whether the Chinese authorities were to give us the necessary authorizations to enter China with cars on schedule. We never had an official negative, but everything indicated that it was to be a very, very difficult deal and we would know the answer at the last minute, something inconsistent for the success of a project.

Nevertheless, this setback gave us the opportunity to find an alternative safer, cheaper and that enhance the goals we had set for the trip. With what, we remade the itinerary leaving the same number of km and travel days, but with the start at Seville, a positive point for participants from Spain, and we will diverted to Russia in Uzbekistan rather than continuing toward China, and end in this way in Bucharest, before passing by factories Russian Avtovaz and Avtoframos.

So a new itinerary more interesting was born: Seville-Paris-Istanbul-Tehran-Tashkent-Moscow-Bucharest.

On the other hand, our dear friend Ralf, the German participant, has had to leave by availability problems for devoting the necessary hours for this project. Too many women commitments e think. This gave the opportunity for two other Spaniards participants. Javier Cortes that will phase in Seville to Istanbul and Alfonso Palacios that will phase Istanbul to Bucharest. The first is a mechanical specialist with experience in Renault repairing network and in the F3000 as an engineer track, he is not really bad, hopefully he could repair a loose sleeve. The second one is not very mechanical but is a specialist in traveling by rare countries, he perfectly knows how to deal with all sorts of situations and he’s able to communicate in all languages but does not know any one. He is a real joyita.

For the rest everything continues as scheduled for Thursday, July 17 when it will be the departure from Seville (it seems that it will come a big fish to cut the ribbon…)

We keep in touch!

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